Interlake Fleet 23

When sailing an Interlake you can expect a dry ride (in most conditions), good upwind ability, smooth planing off the wind, and good speed at deep sailing angles.  Acceleration is better than with most similar designs, and maneuverability is exceptional. The helm is light and responsive, immediately telling the skipper what to do.  If the skipper doesn’t listen, the boat simply goes a little slower . . .   All the basic controls are there to adjust the sails to the conditions.  Then just trim and go.  The straight ahead nature allows performance at peak level without a lot of tweaking.  Not only is it fun to go fast, but this makes the Interlake an extremely practical boat for the whole family. Either racing or daysailing this boat is fun for everyone. The only way to truly understand that this is just part of the story is to take a ride.  Yet the best part of the class is not the boat, but the sailors.  Sailors who cheerfully share their knowledge because they enjoy close competition and helping everyone become better, safer sailors.  Sailors who keep the good times going off the water as well.  “The Interlake and the company it keeps are, well, . . . irresistible. ” (Text from Interlake Sailing Class Association)

Contact Fleet Captain Steve Nearing for more information at 703-919-1342 (cell)  or, and learn more about the boat and the national class association on the Interlake Sailing Class Association web site:

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