Laser Spring Series Wrap

Tuesday was the last night of this year’s Spring Series. We had another good night with 8 sailors and 4 races. The wind was at 8 or so, out of the SE while we were rigging, but started dying during the races. Ryan and I each scored 2 firsts, a fifth, and a seventh, to tie for the night. Ryan wins the last tie breaker and takes the night. That was 2 out of 2 nights for Ryan, who ended up with the lowest average for the series but failed to qualify.Great sailing Ryan!

2017 Tuesday Night Spring Series

The Series
Wow! After 39 races, 7 nights, 15 sailors, and 252 total starts, Mark and I ended in a dead tie, with 104 points each. Mark wins the tie breaker with 13 firsts to my 9. Sarah ends up just .21 average places behind us. How close is that? Sarah was winning the 1st race on May 16th and capsized at the last mark. Then in the 3rd race she was having another good race and tacked into irons on a huge puff. If she would have held on in those 2 races she would have won the series!
Remember the number 7! We had 7 nights in the series. Ryan and I tied for the night with 7 points, each scoring a 7 in one race. Mark had a 7th in the 5th race on May 16th. In that race, he was 2nd at the leeward mark but got hit with a big puff right before I reached the 3 boat circle. He had no choice but to overlap inside of me, thus committing a very unfortunate  foul, and ending up 7th after his turns. Mark’s 7th put me within striking distance for the series.I knew I needed to beat him for that last night, but it’s pretty hard to calculate since we are working with averages.  After 3 races I figured that I had closed the gap, but wrongly assumed that I still needed to top him in the last race. When Mark took the start I headed out, on my own,  to the left, taking a huge fateful flyer. Mark was 2nd, I took a 7th, and we ended up tied. Any score lower than 7 would have won it.
There’s a huge lesson here. Don’t panic, and don’t take flyers. Our Tuesday night racing allows us to learn so much. We’ve already had more races than the rest of the club will have all year. Consider finding a Laser and joining us.