Lido 14 Fleet 57


The Lido 14 small sailboat provides  combination of a safe, comfortable family boat  and a one-design racing dinghy. It has a spacious cockpit which has contoured bench seats that run the full length of the cockpit. Flotation is provided by these seats and the under-deck bow tank. The Lido can be trailered almost everywhere and day sailed with 4 adults or raced double – handed. Racing without a spinnaker places emphasis on the tactics and skill of the sailors versus strength and size. Strict one – design rules and a simple rig make the Lido 14 an economical racing alternative  as well  as a great boat to get started in racing.  In recent Class Championships competitors range from age 6 to 80+ and half the boats were sailed by family crews. In addition to the local racing schedule, Lido members have the opportunity to attend district, invitational, and national class championships. Lidos originated in Newport, California by the WD Schock company. Back in the 70’s, a Lido dealer Judson Ortman formed our fleet 57. Fleets are located from San Diego, CA to Anacortes, WA. Texas and Utah. Our fleet is the only active fleet currently east of the Missisippi River. The National Lido Class Association,, coordinates exciting activities for all Lido sailors and publishes an excellent quarterly “BowWave” newsletter/bulletin that provides fleet news, regatta race reports boat maintenance/repair and go fast tips. The BOG of the class association clarifies, interprets and seeks to improve measurement rules and procedures, maintain the BY-Laws and suggest changes to all members at the annual Association Mtg. Lido14 membership is encouraged.

Fleet 57 mainly sails once/week on racing Sundays @2PM. Always willing to sail casual or trailer somewhere if a group desires so. There are crewing positions available as well as opportunities to buy new or used boats, Maintenance/repair advise available. Ideas are welcome for a fun time.

Contacts: Fleet Captain Kathy Muenz email at :