The “RoCK”  (ROwing, Canoes, Kayaks) Hand-Powered Fleet


The RoCK fleet consists of rowing shells (singles and doubles or pairs only), canoes or kayaks that are privately owned. A maximum of 20 memberships in the club are reserved for members whose primary boat is either a rowing shell, kayak or canoe.  Many sailing members also have kayaks at Leatherlips.

Facilities for these boats include two hard-roofed rowing shell racks that can accommodate a maximum of 14 boats and a hard-roofed kayak rack that can accommodate 33 kayaks.  Shells and kayaks launch from a 12 foot section of rowing dock (about 6 inches above the water) at the south end of the club that has a ramp to shore.  Canoes can launch from any available dock.

Since all paddling sports tend to seek weather conditions (low wind and waves) opposite from sailing, these activities dovetail well with the sailing at the club.  Paddlers also benefit from the extensive No Wake zone at the south end of the reservoir and in front of the club, from Mark 6 to just above O’Shaughnessy Dam, leaving the water free of power boat wakes and therefore relatively calm.

Paddle sport members usually plan two group paddle events per year that include some paddling on the reservoir and conclude with refreshments at the clubhouse.  Anyone who is interested is invited to take part and efforts are made to find boats for those who want to try kayak or canoe paddling.