Welcome to Leatherlips Yacht Club, located on the northwest side of Columbus, Ohio (USA). We’re a casual sailing club with a membership made up of racers, pleasure sailors, and those learning to sail. New members are always welcome!


The Endurance Race Photos

The Endurance Race was a great success, raising $12,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project! Thank you to everyone who participated and helped run the event.

The Endurance Race shirts now available!

Jones_Jeff-The Endurance Race 2014

Unsure what to wear for The Endurance Race? Consider one of these great moisture wicking shirts featuring The Endurance Race logo! These long sleeve shirts will protect you from the elements while keeping you comfortable. Available in both men’s and women’s styles- click on the Pirates Lair logo to order yours today!


The Endurance Race team registration is underway!

Jones_Jeff-The Endurance Race 2014

Seven teams have registered already- including 2 Lasers and 3 Interlakes! Donations to the Wounded Warrior Project are also picking up steam, with over $500 raised so far. The  Endurance Race is on track to be the largest ever, both in the numbers of teams and the money raised for charity. And it should be- with the unique race, three bands, great food and wounded warrior participation, the 2014 Endurance Race has a lot to offer sailors and spectators alike.


Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge

Do you know a Boy Scout that would be interested in earning the Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge? Sea Scout Ship 280 will be offering a camp dedicated to this badge Thursday July 31 – Sunday August 3.

Boy Scouts will have the chance to earn this merit badge in a single weekend! Based on past years, we have added an additional day to this camp to allow more instruction and practice time.

Scouts must be able to pass the BSA swimmer test to participate. Scouts must provide a note from their Scoutmaster or summer camp indicating that they successfully completed the BSA ‘Swimmer’ test since 6/1/2014. Contact us if you need the swim test. You must attend the entire camp.

Scouts should review the merit badge book prior to the camp. Meals and snacks are provided. You’ll need:

  • Swim Suit
  • Water Bottle
  • Tent
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Hat
  • Extra Clothes
  • Strap for glasses
  • Sunscreen
  • PFD (If you own one)
  • Bug Repellent
  • BSA Medical Form

Additional details will be provided to registered participants. NOTE: Weather might prevent completing all requirements during the weekend. If necessary, scouts can return at a future date to complete any needed requirements.

*** New for 2014: Sea Scout Track!

Sea Scouts can learn to sail and complete many requirements from the Sea Scout ranks and the Small Boat Handler award.



Please see this flyer with additional details.

If you have any questions, please contact Ron Lime at 614-848-4816 or rlime@columbus.rr.com before registering.

This event is sponsored by Sea Scout Ship 280. To register go to: http://ship280sailingmb.eventbrite.com

Endurance Race, August 30-31, 2014

Started in 2006, The Endurance Race was formulated as a non-traditional sailing regatta and charity event. The race consists of one continuous 24 hour race for one-design racing boats. Competitors compete on a one mile triangular course and can switch out crews as often as they wish, or sailors can choose to tackle the challenge for the entire duration (see The Shackleton Club below). Changing out crews keeps racers fresh, but costs precious time at the dock.

The racing is serious. While the event supports this years charity, The Wounded Warrior Project, there is no “buying” a better rating or an extra lap through donations. Top teams push hard the entire time, with the first and second place finish one year decided by one boat length. Racing competitively for 24 hour requires planning and a different mindset than the traditional 40-60 minute race format.

Read more…

2014 Race Results have been updated for the Fall 8 races

The results page has been updated to include the Fall 8 races.  A small fleet turned out for the last races of the season on a beautiful Fall day to find a northwest to westerly breeze at 8 to 10 mph dying to 5 to 8 for the handicap race.  The Daysailer fleet provided the race committee.


3rd Work Party of 2014

Thanks to everyone who came up to LYC on Saturday! We had a great turnout and a lot of progress was made. Most importantly, it was observed that all of the ice on O’Shaughnessy Reservoir was melted.

Among the major items accomplished were:

  • New Decking and side rails for one of the boat ramp docks. No lasers were found beneath the dock but several paint scuffs were observed from close calls.
  • Water was turned on at the club (no leaks, so thankfully we were saved from Ben Terrien’s plumbing)
  •  Clubhouse was scrubbed from top to bottom and left to right in preparation for the US Sailing Symposium
  • Several sections of downed fence were repaired
  • Numerous donuts were put out of their misery

Docks In: Saturday March 29th, 8:00

Docks In: Saturday March 29th. Crane arrives at 8 AM. Preparations begin at 7 AM.

Lunch: around noon ($5, youth who work eat free)

General meeting: following lunch.

Boat parking spot selection: following meeting. Club directories will be handed out at this time too.

Spring Midwest Regional Sailing Programs Symposium

Spring Midwest Regional Sailing Programs Symposium



Saturday, March 22, 2014 10:00 AM -4:00 PM

Hosted by Leatherlips Yacht Club 9230 Shawnee Trail Powell, Ohio 43065


The Regional Symposiums provide an opportunity for organizations to share ideas and concerns about sailing education and programming within a specific region of the United States. All are welcome regardless if you’re from a Community Program, Commercial School, Yacht Club, High School/College program, an instructor or from any other organization (sailing specific or not).

The event is set in a roundtable format designed for productive exchanges between participants. US Sailing will provide the moderator to facilitate discussion and offer a national perspective on some of the issues that face our industry. The topics listed below serve as a starting point for addressing a myriad of topics. The event is free to US Sailing Members and $10 for non-members. Lunch is included.

Please register in advance at: http://trainingussailing.org/Training_Events_Meetings/RSPS.htm

US Sailing Leatherlips Symposium Agenda 2014 FINAL

New US Sailing resources for sailors

We’ve come across a couple of new US Sailing resources for sailors.

First up is www.startsailing.org which promotes sailing to sailors who are new to the sport.

Second up is www.cleverpig.org which is a web site with resources of interest to racing sailors specifically.

Both are worth a read as we look toward docks-in in the coming weeks!

LEARN to SAIL 2014

The Youth Learn to Sail program will be offered summer of 2014!

Our mission is to develop knowledgeable youth sailors and to instill in them a love for the sport of sailing that will serve as the foundation for their future and the future of the club.

What Junior Sailing is:

  • A worldwide sport with opportunities for every kid to shine regardless of affluence, sex, or race.
  • A great individual and team sport.
  • Offers kids true independence & freedom – learn some skills, get in the boat and go… no license, no problem
  • An Olympic sport.
  • Sailing is a true co-ed sport at both high school and college levels.  Not many sports offer a level competitive playing field for both men and women.

Final Racing Day 2013

I meant to put these pictures up back in November.  But, life happened.  I hope you enjoy these pictures of the last day of racing in 2013.  It was beautiful with typical Leatherlips winds from the SW, W, and NW.  Thanks to Christy Whitt for taking the shots. -Paul Kreitler (Thistle Fleet 21)

Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge camp

Sea Scout Ship 280 and LYC will be hosting the BSA Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge Weekend this Thursday through Sunday, Aug 1-4. Scouts and their leaders will be camping over, along with several club members. This is the 5th annual sailing merit badge camp the club and Sea Scouts have hosted. If you get a chance, drop by, say hello, and watch the fun!

LYC March 2013 BOG Meeting Minutes

It was a dark and gloomy day. Huge storm clouds rolled over each other as they raced in from the west. White caps covered the water, boats rigging creaked and docks rocked as they struggled against their moorings. But still one lone sailor remained on the water …

This has nothing to do with the minutes, just trying to get you to read them:)

Leatherlips Yacht Club

Meeting Minutes

March 25, 2013

BOG In Attendance:

Kevin Flanagan

Jack Boyles

Rick Wohleber

Tom Clarke

Ben Terrien

Lee Vance

Mike Clowes

Bruce Cameron



Christie Whitt

Dave Chapman

Blaise Pierson


 Jack called the meeting to order.

 February meeting minutes were approved via email before the BOG meeting.

 LTS - Blaise asked that the BOG reconsider having a YLTS program for a two week session. After discussion from both pro and con, it was decided that a committee be formed to determine what a 2 week program would look like. The committee consists of Tom, Lee, Blaise and Mike. Tom volunteered to head the committee. It is expected that this would provide the building block for the future YLYC program. The 2 week program for youth is to be presented at the April BOG meeting. This timing is important to allow for advertising and preparation should the plan be approved.

 Mike shared that he has LTS flyers to pass out at Docks IN.

 Racing & Safety – Lee proposed buying a ladder for the North dock. He pointed out the work that Anne and Steve did on the rules that go in the Directory.

 House – Kevin reviewed quotes for fixing the fireplace. He looked at several alternatives including gas logs and a fireplace insert. Quotes ranged from $1,300 to $4,600. There is no budget line item to fix the fireplace. Dave suggested getting an additional quote from a fireplace builder he knows.

 Secretary – Bruce handed out a membership update showing members paid/unpaid and dropped.

 Jr. Racing – Dave has a coach in mind and is currently conducting a background check. Informed the BOG that he has submitted a grant for $7,500. Grant will be awarded April 16th. Dave explained that the Jr Racing program would like to move to 420’s which he shared was the future of racing. The added benefit of 420’s is that they are also viable for LTS. Asked for a future discussion around selling the FJ’s and replacing them with 420’s. The 501c3 has sponsored the purchase of (2) used 420’s for the Jr. Racing program. If the grant is secured, it is intended for the purchase of 420’s.

 Budget – Tom reviewed the budget with each committee head asking for approval or modification. It was stressed that the budget is tight for 2013 and that each line item must be adhered to and expenditures must be approved by the board member responsible. Tom pointed out that the Jr Racing budget included $3,000 for the purchase of a 420 for the Jr. Racing program. It was noted that a material purchase over $1,000 needs to be approved by the members. The boat purchase was approved by the BOG for submission to the membership at Docks IN*. Cost for the boat was separated from the Jr. Racing line item to a line of its own.

 Jack made a motion to approve the budget. Tom seconded. Motion passed.


Rick asked that Joe McHenry have his membership dues (associate) waived. Tabled for discussion.

The balance of the meeting revolved around Docks IN and being sure that all aspects were covered.

Tom made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Lee seconded asking that each member police themselves in future meetings to help ensure a 2 hour meeting. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned.

*Addendum: The decision to present a Jr. Racing boat purchase to the membership was later reversed via email discussion. It was decided that the total budget for Jr. Racing be presented at Docks IN without a boat purchase line item. A decision to purchase another 420 with club funds will be reviewed and voted on at a later date. The current budget will be used to fund items other than material assets.

The results page has been updated to include the final races of the season.

The Race Results page has now been updated to include the results for the last race of the sailing season. Past Fleet Commodores Christie Whitt, Dick Evans, J. P. Clowes, Dave Siefert, John Rupert, Dick Seiple and Bill McDonald were the race committee. The wind was from the west south west varying from 5 to 12 mph. Docks out is November 2.





How Paul Larsen piloted the fastest sailboat ever

From While many people may think of sailboating as a fairly tranquil activity, Paul Larsen has long equated sailboating with extreme speed. In Wired, Adam Fisher has profiled the Australian-born Larsen’s search for the perfect speecboating runway, which he found off the coast of the small African country Namiba. This windswept coast is where Larsen has spent the last decade attempting to break the boating speed record — recently by piloting the Vestas SailRocket Mark 2, a craft that Larsen describes as “50 percent plane, 50 percent boat.” If you’ve never heard about the world of high-speed boating, there are some technological and human feats in Fisher’s piece that go far beyond what comes to mind when most of us think of boating — when Larsen and his team broke the outright world speed sailing record in November, the Vesta SailRocket Mark 2 was regularly going in excess of 60 knots.

2013 LYC Board of Governors

Commodore: Jack Boyles  
Vice Commodore: Kevin Flanagan 
Rear Commodore: Lee Vance  
Fleet Captain: Ben Terrien
Member-at-Large: Michael Clowes
Member-at-Large: Rick Wohleber  
Secretary: Bruce Cameron
Treasurer: Tom Clarke  
Immediate Past Commodore: Jim Thomas  
Congratulations to all of you! Here’s to another GREAT year!!!

Women’s Handicap Championship Sept. 22, 2012

Women’s Handicap Championship Sept. 22, 2012

Corrected results

Race 1
Anne Filbert Laser Radial

Tami Chapan Daysailer

Liz Terrien Interlake

Race 2
Tami Chapman Daysailer

Anne Filbert Laser Radial

Liz Terrien Interlake

Race 3
Anne Filbert Laser Radial

Tami Chapman Daysailer

Liz Terrien Interlake

1 Anne Filbert

2 Tami Chapman

3 Liz Terrien

Ann Filberget-attachment.aspxLiz Terrien