Welcome to Leatherlips Yacht Club, located on the northwest side of Columbus, Ohio (USA). We’re a casual sailing club with a membership made up of racers, pleasure sailors, and those learning to sail. New members are always welcome!


Membership Renewals Coming Soon

From the Secretary-OH nbrs2

Reminder to all members – membership renewals are due
December 1.

On the renewal form, all boat owners will need to complete the sections for:

  • OH Numbers
  • OH license expiration
  • Boat color

If needed, get this information while the weather is still warm so it is available in November.

2015 Race Results

The race results have now been updated through the Fall 4 races The Sea Scout Troop 280 provided the race committee. The winds for the Fall 4 were were easterly to east north easterly at 3 to 9 mph. The course was 2-5(s)-6(s) twice around, finish to windward. For the handicap race the course was 2-3(s)-4(s) once around, finish at club line.